100 best motivational quotes to inspire you at each phase of life in 2020.

The Best Motivational Quotes 

motivational quotes are the word of wisdom that can simplify your actions and amplify your efforts by providing a clearer picture to enjoy the journey called ‘life’ and reach the desire destination. they act as a catalyst in accelerating your true potential so that you can achieve huge success in each aspect of life. we often feel low or distracted in life or even like giving up due to lack of a fuel called positivity, this is the time when we need motivation the most. so let’s dive straight into ‘the best and unique motivational quotes’ and get inspired to practically kickstart a new life from this moment. (don’t forget to bookmark this page for such awesome stuff).

1) You can completely remould yourself the way you always wanted to be. All you need to do is start doing those tiny things orderly which would shape you as ‘Most desirable’.


2) You can get yourself out of any tough situation because the last tough situation you conquered is no more a tough situation for you. 


3) Stick with the qualities that brought the best out of you and say bye-bye to the madness that brought momentary pleasure, false success.


4) Always aim for the top, even if you miss, you will land among supportive layers. Be well equipped to object gravity.


5) If you always indulge yourself in rush, anxiety, stress, and busyness then what energy are you embedding in yourself? What energy are you projecting in the universe? Be wise enough to choose the energies to exchange which ‘universe’ loves the most.


6) Learn from your mistakes, work smartly hard, and don’t let other people’s opinion of you become your limitation.


7) It’s you who needs to take charge of your lifebecause it’s your life and you are the only person to make it happen for you.


8) Always prioritize to work on the way you think,once you change the way you think, your feelings will change, those feelings will lead you to act the way you want. Once you control the way you act, your life is changed from that very moment.


9) Stop comparing, start living your unique journey.


10) You are not in competition with anyone in this world, start competing with yourself. Plan and outdo your past not people.


11) Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live the best life you have always dreamt of living. 


12) Remember- who you were, who you are, and who you will be are three different people.


13) The key to your successlies with you and should stay with you, don’t hand it over to anything which is not you.


14) Remember- not a single thing was ever created by a lazy creator.


15) Surround yourself with the people who talk about visions and ideas, not people.


16) The greatest things you will do are the ones which you do very often and love to do again and again.


17) Be persistent with whatever you’re doing with all your heart without thinking of how fruitful it is going to be.

The Best Motivational Quotes


18) Sometimes you must go through that pain to know, you must fall to growlose to win because life’s greatest lessons are learned while facing sin.


19) Our lives are not perfect, but we should be thankful for what we have.


20) Sometimes you shall let go something you liked and had immense love because the universe might have planned something awesome to you which is extraordinarily beyond what you are letting go.


21) If you want to see the change in the world, start changing your inner world.


22) Ask yourself a simple question- whatever I am doing in my life is adding any value in my as well as someone else’s life?Take a deep breath, know your answer, and change your actions accordingly to become that type of person.


23) One of the best advice you will ever get from anyone is – Consistent people are extremely rare. If you can learn to cultivate consistency in your work, you’ll eventually beat any talent, skill, luck, and even quality.


24) If you want to open the doors that seem to be closed for decades, be that bold power which was missing from ages.


25) Don’t dwell into the past, don’t overthink your future, just focus on the present and be in each moment to see how things are turning the way you want to be.


26) Ignore what people comment on you because they don’t know a damn shit of you. The only person who knows you better is ‘you’.


27) You don’t need someone else’s approval about you as a person or as anything. Ignore that shit and keep on empowering yourself in every aspect of your life.


28) Patience is the key when everything seems a blur and there is chaos, find the courage and reign over such a situation.


29) Never attempt to make silly comparisons with materialism because, in the end, it’s all about Humanism.


30) Stay calm in tough situations because such testing times create an insanely stunning character out of you which you have never thought of.


31) Smile often no matter what you are going through, because smiles are like blessings which will keep you going and sail through any obstacles.


32) A tough mind with Unwavering focus, that’s all you need to be successful in any aspect of life.


33) It is only up to youto take charge of your own life or become an encaged horse of a rider.


34) Even if you are in unbearable pain, keep on fighting with it because ‘time’is the best healer by which you will surely gain.


35) You have two choices every morning when you wake up, continue thinking like always, or take massive action and make things happen in reality.


36) It’s never about tomorrow, it’s all about today and now – do it now.


37) Keep on doing minute things with your minute efforts consistently each day because one day you’ll realize that these minute things have multiplied and added up to achieve massive results.


38) You shall always adapt and embrace growth if you want to flourish and advance in life.


39) Never be afraid of sudden changes in life because ‘change’ is the only constant which will make you fearless and a true winner.


40) When you find yourself in tough situations, don’t forget to remind yourself that you are tougher than such situations.


41) Do you want to know what is desirable? efforts, honesty, presence, keeping promises, deep connections, and being truthful to yourself.


42) When the pain of staying the same becomes more than the pain of wanting the change, that very point we can surely change.


43) Your critics are the one who is not doing more than what you do- just remember that.


44) Let them criticize,it will only add up to your growth if you doing anything imperfectly.


45) Do these things consistently and your will reborn– get up and sleep at the same time, meditate, exercise/yoga, stay away from toxic food, people, and media, do what you love, and don’t forget to love what you do.


46) Do as many things as you want in your life but do not forget to prioritize what is needful for you along with other fellow humans and nature.


47) No matter what negative thoughts you have for anything or anyone, come out of it asap because it will only work against you.


48) Repeat every day- from this moment I invite unlimited positivity and creativity into my life which will result in Abundance.


49) Remember- if people call you ‘smart’ take it lightly because it is their opinion. If you think that you are smart, then take it seriously to save yourself from falling in a trap. 


50) Don’t spend so much of time to become more physically attractive, simultaneously work to become mentally attractive– address your toxic recurring thoughts, learn to deal with them positively, learn how you can become happy on your own without external influence.


51) Never be too serious about what you think regarding anything because ‘it is just a point of view’.


52) If you don’t heal what hurt you,you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.


53) Forget how bad you felt at times and move on to achieve what you deserve.


54) Never lose hope because hope is one of the things which will bring you ‘a better tomorrow’.


55) Remember- you are strong when you know your weaknesse sand beautiful when you know your flaws, you become wiser when you learn from your mistake and act upon.


56) Have Trust in yourself while being patient because there are infinite possibilities at the times of uncertainties.


57) Your mind tends to believe what you feed it, feed it all good which will lead you to do good and achieve well.


58) Don’t fall for silly brules and bushit that will take you to nowhere, instead adapt to what your conscience is guiding you.


59) Don’t be afraid of choosing a different path than others If it promises to deliver huge success irrespective of any difficult circumstances.


60) Never be afraid of what you lost and what powers you have,if such things mattered then the elephant would have been the king of the jungle.


61) Stop comparing yourself to successful people by any means, instead learn from them how they achieve such great height. They had a role to play, you have your own.



62) Don’t indulge yourself into energy-sucking stuff with loads of efforts and wrong tools, instead, try and find a tool that fits in the best and finds you the solution with the least efforts.


63) Don’t wait for something miraculous to happen automatically, instead align yourself with the universe in such a way that things will happen for you by your own consistent Karma.


64) You won’t be able to achieve what you deserve until you don’t forget what hurt you and remember what took you through.

65) Remember this line at any given point of time in life:  I am the writer, director, actor, marketer of my life and I am responsible for anything that happens with me. 



66) You are unique in your way and that’s the power you have which differs from the other to achieve limitless success.


67) Be insanely selective regarding whom are you spending your time and exchanging energy because these are the times that decide your fate of what you would slowly become.


68) Feel the wind- it sings, listen to the silence- it whispers, listen to your soul- it knows.


69) It’s okay to discuss your troubles and seek a solution from the one you trust, but don’t be so worried about it and never pass it onto each one you know because this will lead to depleting your happiness by pulling you in the dark world of anxiety.


70) Always strive to be physically, mentally, and spiritually awesome because this kind of awesomeness will attract anything and everything above your imagination.


71) Do not wait for the creator to do the things for you, take full responsibility by understanding the fact that you are the creator of your own life.


72) Question yourself regularly – am I living my life in a way where I do not need to go for abundance instead abundance is coming to me?


73) It is better to move on from stagnancy in anything related to your life because the river that flows has pure water rather than a canal that no more flows and has foul water.


74) It is a new day, new sunshine, start writing a favorite chapter of your life which you will love to read after ages.


75) The most successful 1% people on the planet have their struggles, they tasted worse defeats, they had humongous suffering, but still, they stand tall because one thing was common in each of them that they never gave up. ( best motivational quotes) 


76) Are you in trouble? Tell yourself that this too shall pass and act upon. ( best motivational quotes) 


77) Change is the only apology you shall offer to your soul otherwise you will keep on degrading it with acts of manipulation. ( best motivational quotes) 


78) Never worry about how things will work the way you have planned or do not just think they will, instead focus on execution by believing that it will. ( best motivational quotes) 


79) Never give up on what you want to become in your life, always remember that a pot becomes tough after going through the fire of the furnace. ( best motivational quotes) 


80) The ship that conquers the storm is destined to go long in sea whereas the one which is incapable of facing storm can be seen chained at seashore– decide which one are you?’ ( best motivational quotes) 


81) Daily affirmations- I am becoming strong because I have been through weakness. ( best motivational quotes) 


82) Your life is not about what you see outside, it is about what you have been able to see inside. ( best motivational quotes) 


83) Never stop believing in yourself because it was you who survived everything this far and it is going to be you who will survive anything coming your way. ( best motivational quotes) 


84) Stay away from bro-shit and negative people, they are the positive energy-sucking vampires. ( best motivational quotes) 


85)Shape yourself in such a way that your kindness will not be affected by the unkind people because it is your kindness which will heal them from being unkind.( best motivational quotes) 


86) Do not get upset with how people are behaving with you or how situations have entangled you because both are powerless without your reaction. ( best motivational quotes) 


87) You are not what you achieve, you are not what you accomplish, you are not what you possess, your self is part of higher self-meant to experience and enjoy to its absolute possibilities. ( best motivational quotes) 


88) Never stop believing what your soul tells you, it will guide you every day. ( best motivational quotes) 


89) You do not need to stop or control your mind; all you need to do is take charge of your mind and use it for yourself and all. ( best motivational quotes) 


90) Remember it’s your choices that decide the fate of your day– choose bliss when you feel enslaved of misery, choose to feel grateful when there are moments that make you feel down, be always happy, excited, and thankful. ( best motivational quotes) 


91) Surround yourself with the people, environment, and energy that is good for your mental health. ( best motivational quotes) 


92) Never stop believing that new beginnings are starting which will lead you to new destinations and positive changes are happening that will lead to a better life. ( best motivational quotes) 


93) trust the fact that everything is aligning, and blessings are coming your way as you are taking charge of your life and doing exactly what needs the most. ( best motivational quotes) 


94) What other think of you was never a topic of consideration, what you think of you matters the most. ( best motivational quotes) 


95) Old energies are being wiped out and your soul is being detoxified, be patient in the cleansing process- allow it some time. ( best motivational quotes) 


96) It is not the world’s most successful relations that set an example for you, it is your relationship with yourself that aligns and serves to attract the desired relations meant for you. ( best motivational quotes) 



97) When you are in a good space of life- be thankful. When you are in chaos- accept the reality and grow more. ( best motivational quotes) 


98) Be so busy improving yourself in each aspect of your life that you are no freer to respond to what bullshit happening around you. ( best motivational quotes) 


99) Your soul does not ask for the mask to seek the truth, speak the truth, spread the truth, and live the truth– so just unmask.( best motivational quotes) 


100) What left after so many losses is the confidence to rebuild everything( best motivational quotes) 


Don’t fall for a false sense of confidence when you don’t have clarity regarding anything. use these best motivational quotes as one of the tools to seek essential clarity which is missing. Every individual should strive to bring clarity to every dimension of their life with the help of such tools. sheer positivity such as these motivation quotes surely help in sharpening our perception. hope you find it useful and it will work for you to lead a life full of positivity and clarity once applied.


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